30 under dc, punk rock in washington 1975-2005

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Welcome to THUD, a website on its way up, despite some recent downtime. The focus, obviously, is Washington DC, and to be more specific DC rock. There's been some interest in the non-Dischord side of DC, especially since the release of Dance of Days by Marks Jenkins and Anderson, but not a whole lot of information available. This website will hopefully change some of that, with a comprehensive listing of DC bands from 19-whenever til today, and a complete DC discography.

I've made a start of this, but there's no way I'll be able to do it all. Without your help I probably won't get a damned thing done. So cruise the site, check it all out, and drop me a line if you think you can help, or just to say hello. Band members especially are encouraged to get in touch, even if I savaged your record in my discography listing.



- main - - bands - - discography - - mp3 - - links - - email -