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Richmond punk.

lamour front coverlamour back cover

l'amour vinyl
Lamour - Sunglass Party 7":
Sunglass Party // Someday
black vinyl
Zero Degree ZD001, 1979

Lineup: Tom Applegate - lead guitar, vocals / Greg Laux - bass / Earl Smith - drums, vocals / David Stover - rhythm guitar, vocals

Recording Info: Recorded at Soundbox Studio, engineered by Malcolm Peplow, produced by Chris Gibson, docuscript (what?) by Caryl Burtner


Reviews: The A side of this is kinda punky psuedo-rockabilly--normally I'd fucking hate it ("rockabilly delenda est" is my family motto, after all), but it's got a bit o' panache to it and it made me chuckle. The production isn't too good, but I'd imagine that live the song was a blast screeching guitar noise (especially since Tom Applegate went on to the Beex!). I don't even remember what the B side was like, and I just listened to it 15 minutes ago. Take that as an endorsement or criticism if you will.

Anyone out there got a copy of this with a better sleeve for sale or trade? Or some live L'Amour tapes? If so, email me!

beed vinyl
Beex - Butch 7":
Butch // Empty House
black vinyl
Zero Degree ZD002, 1981?


Recording Info:

Notes: My copy doesn't have a sleeve--just a fluke, not a variation.

Reviews: Butch is an okay song on its own, but after the massive blast of Obliterates (B side of their first single), it's a major disappointment. Empty House has some scorchful guitar parts, unfortunately the song just isn't very interesting.

Anyone out there have some live Beex stuff? Or the 12"? Or a copy of this 7" w/the sleeve for sale or trade? If so, email me!

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