Skinflint Records

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Iron Cross' label. Originally it was going to be "Big Boot Records," but that name only appeared on a few advertisements. Skinflint was also Sab Grey's fanzine.

There was a bootleg Iron Cross LP that used the Skinflint label name, but of course, had nothing to do with the label...

iron cross front coveriron cross back cover

iron cross vinyl
Iron Cross - Skinhead Glory 7":
Crucified For Our Sins / Psycho Skin / Fight 'Em All // Shadows in the Night
1000 copies on black vinyl w/insert (2 different ones)
200 copies on green vinyl w/different back cover. Insert?
Dischord 8½ / Skinflint 1, 1982 (RI: GMM)


Notes: There are two different inserts for this one, one horizontal, the other vertical (actually, if you want to be really neurotic, there are three inserts, the prototype vertical inserts had a minor difference with the finished product, but nothing worth noting). I don't know which is rarer, but I do know that the vertical insert was first. The only prototype insert I've seen was with a test pressing of the 7" that was sold on ebay.

Reviews: This record gets a lotta crap for the "violent" lyrics, but I can name a dozen punk classics that are every bit as violent, but never called out (SOA shouldn't need any comment, Negative Approach sang "Ready to Fight" among others, the Dead Kennedy's killed thousands in their songs, and hell, even the first Minor Threat 7" has a song about getting drunk and beating people up.).

If you wanna pick on this record, fine, but at least make your criticism valid. For instance, try noting that the songs aren't very good. It's got a rippin' guitar sound, and while song writing's good, it's by no means great, and the performance isn't all it could be. This record's worth checking out, but it's nowhere near good enough to warrant the $200 price tag it commands on ebay.

Have copies of any of the pressings I don't have shown? Email me if you'd be interested in scanning them in.

iron cross front coveriron cross back cover

iron cross vinyl
Iron Cross - Hated and Proud 7":
You're a Rebel / Grey Morning // Wolfpack
? test pressings (much rarer than the Skinhead Glory test)
1000 copies on black vinyl w/insert
Skinflint Records 2, 1983

Lineup: Sab Grey - vocals / Mark Haggerty - guitar / Paul Cleary - bass / Dante Ferrando - drums

Recording Info: Produced by Lyle Preslar, engineered by Tom Scott.



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