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raticals sleeve
raticals vinyl
Raticals - S/T 7":
Rock Tonight / Lost In Oblivion // (I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone / Searching For A Better Way
300? on black vinyl
Survival RAT 001, 1981

Lineup: Charlie Greer - guitar, vocals / David Bowles - guitar, vocals / Alan Croxson - bass, vocals

Label notes:

Recording Info:

Notes: The guy I bought this from said 300 idea if that's accurate or not. The back of the sleeve is blank on my copy.

Reviews: Like a less studious version of the Slickee Boys. Raucous garage-influenced punk. The recording quality isn't too great, but it's worth a spin or two. Anyone out there have some live tapes? I'll bet they're killer!

johnny bombay front coverjohnny bombay back cover

johnny bombay black vinyl
Johnny Bombay and the Reactions - Club Boheme 7":
Ramona / Dancin w the Girls // This Time / See What the Nite Can Bring
black vinyl w/insert
Daddy A Records, 1983

Lineup: John Lee - Drums / Lee Rosenblum - guitars / Rob Dennison - bass / Jim Dougherty - drums / Johnny Bombay - guitar, vocals / Johnny Bombay - bass (on Dancin...) / Johnny Bombay - harmonica and percussion (on See What...) / Jim Dougherty - drums (on Ramona) / Jeff Watson - backing vocals (on Dancin...) / Mickey Way - backing vocals (on Dancin...) / Chris Pellani - percussion (on Dancin...) / Ron Halloway - saxophone (on Dancin...) / Jamie Makinnon - saxophone (on This Time and See What...) / Andy Caulken - subliminal piano (on See What...)

Label notes:

Recording Info: Ramona recorded at Orion studios with Jim Maccucci. Everything else recorded at Hit and Run Studios with Steve Carr. This Time produced by Ted Niceley and Johnny Bombay.


Reviews: Johnny Bombay = Abaad Behram of the Razz.

reptile rhythm band front coverreptile rhythm band back cover

reptile rhythm band vinyl
Reptile Rhythm Band - Tight Butt 7":
Tight Butt // Reptile Love
black vinyl
Reptoid 3097, 1982

Lineup: Laurence Beall - rhythm guitar, vocals / Mathew Beall - lead guitar / Sammy Tucker - bass / Ed Reedy - drums / Chiquita Elf - butt

Recording Info: Recorded at Ambient. Engineered and mixed by Ray Tilkens. Mastered by John Eberle at NRP. Pressed at URP.


Reviews: These guys certainly knew how to write classic catchy blooze rawk songs. In theory. Practice, however, is a whole 'nother thing. The band is sloppy, the playing and production are amateurish, the hamfisted attempts at innuendo are appalling, the song-titles are cliched, and the cover is tacky----even by my own debased standards. Needless to say, I love it. Not great by any stretch, but spirited.

rj/8 front coverrj/8 back cover

rj/8 black vinyl
RJ/8 - Tomorrow Never Listens 7":
Tomorrow Never Listens // the Game
500 black vinyl w/insert
Fresh Tracks JAR001/FTR10002, 1981

Lineup: John Fleming - guitar, vocals / John "JH3" Hedges - drums / Rob Pascual - saxophone / Alex Zavistovich - bass

Label Notes: Fresh Tracks was the recording studio. I have no idea if there were more releases or not (I'd guess there was at least one more since this is FTR10002).

Recording Info: Recorded October 9, 1981 at Fresh Tracks Recording Studio, Williamsburg, VA. Engineered by Dick Smith. Produced by Dick Smith and RJ/8.

Notes: The band pressed 500 because they ran into REM (Athens, not DC) by chance, and Peter Buck mentioned that the first pressing of Radio Free Europe was 500 copies.

Reviews: Sparse wave-pop with stinging guitars and sax. Slightly arty, but not at all pretentious, which is surprising since they thank Heraclitus and Sartre on the lyric sheet. I really like the vocals--John Fleming's got a great, slightly ragged voice. The record's let down by the production--there's not enough there for me to sink my teeth into. A thicker sound on the guitars would help this a lot. Still, it's a nice little record.

Anyone got some live tapes, or a copy of the band's Everydayness cassette EP? If so, email me!

roadducks front coverroadducks back cover

roadducks vinyl
Roadducks - Get Ducked LP:
Sad Situation / Once in a Lifetime Girl / Goodtime Thing / Diamonds in the Rough / Oceanside Avenue / 67 Breakdown // Paback's A Bitch / Tombstone Shadow / Stone Cold Stranger / Laughin' Eyes / Cajun Fever / White Hot Woman
black vinyl w/printed inner sleeve
Duxsongs RD-87001, 1987

Lineup: Bob Gaynor - guitar, vocals / Phil McCormack - vocals, harmonica / Rob Melchiorre - bass, vocals / Jimmy Racey - drums, vocals / Bill Schmidle - guitar, vocals, jokes / Jon Buder - keyboards / Ed Callan - keyboards, vocals

Label notes:

Recording Info: Recorded at Balance Sound, produced and engineered by Bill Culver and John Biehl.

Notes: Email me!). Jon Buder played the keyboards on this album, Ed Callan was their live keyboardist (keyboarder?). There were also CD and CS versions (anyone have copies for sale or trade?


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