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loverspike front coverloverspike back cover

loverspike black vinyl
Loverspike - It's No Fun... 7":
It's No Fun to be a Dead Rock N Roll Star (or) Death Under Contract // Disco Clones
black vinyl
MTL Records, 1980

Lineup: Trixie Laredo - vocals, sex / Marz Manicotti - drums, violence / Nelson Kline - bass, distortion / Ralph Russo - electric violin, noise

Label notes: Run by the band. MTL stands for Much Too Loud

Recording Info:


Reviews: Noisy no wave (or "psyco-sexual acid punk neo-glitter wave rock", as they put it) that doesn't quite make it all the way. Their "No Guitars! No Keyboards!" attitude hurts their noisemaking abilities--you just can't get a good racket with electric violin. Still, they manage to make an acceptable cacaphony.

Anyone out there have some Loverspike flyers, photos, or live tapes? Email me!

made for tv front covermade for tv back cover

made for tv black vinyl
Made For TV - So Afraid fo the Russians 7":
So Afraid of the Russuans // Unknown Soldier (Doors)
black vinyl
Conflict, 1983

Lineup: Tom Lyon - vocals / Alex Henze - guitar / Peter Sparling - drums / Candy Wroth - bass / John Cale - baritone guitar, synth percussion, transatlantic telephone

Recording Info: Recorded at Skyline Studios, NYC. Engineered by David Lichtenstein, and David Young. Mised at Green St. Recording, NYC. Mix engineered by Roddy Hui. Produced by John Cale.

Notes: I think this was a DC band. The label was certainly bsed in DC.


mfd front covermfd back cover

test pressing:
mfd vinyl
commerical issue:
mfd vinyl
MFD - Cease and Desist 7":
Seventeen // Rabid Benji / Sold My Shoes
5? test pressing
300 numbered copies on black vinyl
Crowbar, 1989


Label notes: I have a feeling this was actually pressed by the DSI crew.

Recording Info:



new directions vinyl
New Directions - Lalena 7":
Lalena // Them Changes
500 on black vinyl (no PS)
Nottingham Disc Company, 1970

Lineup: Steve Peppos

Recording Info: Recorded by Warren Miller at Studio Center in Norfolk, VA around 1970.


Reviews: Normally I wouldn't list a record this old ('75 is allegedly where this discography starts), but damn, the B side on this sucker absolutely shreds. The A is a mild pop tune, pretty uninteresting. The B is a wild, raucous, outta control cover of Buddy Miles' Them Changes. It's got a ton of scorch, so much that I actually had to pull the record off the turntable and check the matrix numbers to make sure the record wasn't a mis-press with the wrong B side. Really, really, really good.

off the wall front coveroff the wall back cover

off the wall vinyl
Off the Wall - Ground Zero LP:
Kings of Fleet Street / Hippos Go Berserk / Hey Carmella / Don't Need No Help / Late at Night // City Boy Bump / Sellin' Out / Ground Zero / Over the Hill
black vinyl w/insert
Broken BR0, 1983

Lineup: Jim Ball - guitars, vocals / Glenn Workman - piano, organ, tenor and baritone saxophone, marimba, vibes, toy piano, guitar, vocals / Steve Sandkuhler - harmonicas, congas, alto saxophone, percussion, vocals / Scoop - bass, vocals / Dayton Alford - drums / John Ball - "all them frequencies" / loads o' guest musicians (too lazy to type the list out)

Label notes:

Recording Info: Recorded at Sheffield, engineered by John Ball and Bill Mueller, produced by Off the Wall. Mastered at Masterdisk by Alan Moy.


Reviews: I bought this because I thought it was the Ground Zero Band from Baltimore (does anyone know how to reach those guys?). Unfortunately it wasn't. This is kinda slightly new wave rock stuff. These guys started out as a cover band playing at all the usual dives, which should tell you a lot about their sound--inoffensive. This ain't bad (well, ain't that bad) but it's definitely lacking in scorch.

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