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limp records reprint sleeve:
pagans reissue front coverpagans reissue back cover

Pagans - Street Where Nobody Lives 7":
Street Where Nobody Lives // What's This Shit Called Love
?? test pressings
?? copies in xeroxed Drome sleeve
1600 or 1700 copies in Drome sleeve
100 copies in a numbered Limp reprint sleeve
Drome DR1, 1978
200 numbered copies on black vinyl
Treehouse Records, 1987?

Lineup: Tim Allee - bass / Michael Hudson - vocals / Brian morgan - drums / Tommy Metoff - guitar

Recording Info: Recorded at SUMA.

Notes: Reissue sleeve dates from the eighties. Limp isn't mentioned anywhere on the sleeve. There's some confusion about the number of records pressed, the number of different reissue sleeves (there may be another 100 sleeves that were printed by Terminal Records), and the number of the Treehouse reissue.

Skip's Comments: There was another Limp release of sorts that I had forgotten all about. The Pagans, on Drome, put out a great 45 with What's This Shit Called Love? I loved the record, and one day while ordering some stuff for the store through them, the owner mentioned he had 100 original 45s left, but no more picture sleeves. I bought all 100 and he sent me the artwork, which I printed up as a limited edition numbered of 100, different color picture sleeve...

I just did it for the one 45 because I loved that song. It was going to be on the Nerds' Night On The Town LP. They did the same thing I did when they dug up some more records. It was a Limp release, though it says it nowhere on the sleeve, and obviously not the record either.

Reviews: This is not a DC record by any stretch, and probably shouldn't be included here, but ye gods, what a band the Pagans were--every single thing they released was killer, and this is one of the best.

Records that shouldacouldawoulda, but didn't, come out on Limp:

Black Market Baby - World at War / Back Seat Sally 7", 1980
Black Market Baby - America's Youth / Crimes of Passion 7", 1981

These two records were originally supposed to be released in November of '80, but the dates got pushed back further and further until they were eventually scrapped. I don't think World At War was going to be on Limp, and know America's Youth wasn't, but it seems appropriate to mention them here, given that the A sides to both records ended up on Connected, which was originally advertised as being the next batch of Limp singles on one LP.

There are a handful of America's Youth test pressings floating around out there. To the best of my knowledge there are no World At War test pressings.

Nerds - Night on the Town LP

Skip: The Nerds LP was my envisioning of a solo project, me doing garage songs. When it first started it was me being backed by people from the Razz and Slickee Boys, and later on it was me being backed by people from Minor Threat and SOA and Youth Brigade, but it never got beyond a track listing and possible people.

Penetrators - untitled EP, 1979?

Long since lost in the mists of time. The tapes were pulled at the last minute so the band could shop them around a little.

Razz - Cherry Vanilla // Move It / Doo Wha Diddy 7", 1979

Test pressings of this record (for release on O'Rourke) do exist, though it was cancelled at the last minute.

Skip: Razz had canceled a 45 that they were going to put out, which was with Abaad but had two B sides with Tommy Keene, Move It and Do Wha Diddy, which we ended up putting on the Best of Limp. The A side was a studio version of Cherry Vanilla, and for whatever reason when they decided they weren't going to put their money into it, they came to me, then decided they wanted to do something different and that's when we put the Airtime thing together.

I wanted to revisit that stuff because Abaad had another really good song called Bad Intentions, and there's a studio version from that period that I wanted to do something with. That was one of the tracks that was going to be on the Best of Limp Volume 2, but I'd really have to sit down with my notes and stuff to figure it out.

Rudements - untitled EP, 1979?

The tapes are still in Skip's basement...

Tex Rubinowitz - untitled 10", 1981
Velvet Monkeys - untitled CS, 1981

Both were mentioned in once Discords and promptly forgotten. There was a Tex R 10" on a French label. The Velvet Monkeys tape probably came out on their own label.

V/A - Best of Limp Volume 2 LP, 1981?

Of all the unfinished Limp projects, this is perhaps the most tantalizing. Rudements, SOA, Razz, and god knows what else...

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