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This is a discography of DC rock. To be more specific it's a discography of DC rock bands and labels from 1975(ish) to 2005(ish). My interest, and thus the bias of this site, is loud guitars: punk, metal, noise, and industrial are what get me goin', so they're what I collect and list. Bland classic rock crapola and faux-rockabilly make me gag, so there won't be much coverage of that...I love terrible new wave records though*, so don't be surprised to see them in here.

*Seriously. I love buying crappy new wave records, playing them once to get my blood pressure up ("EIGHT DOLLARS?! I PAID EIGHT FUCKING DOLLARS FOR THIS SHIT?!"), and then shelving them, never to be heard again. When I finally find the worst new wave record ever to come out of DC my life will be complete.


If you ran a record label or were in a band--please email me. Even if you can't provide me with things like pressing numbers and release dates, I do like to get comments from the people who were involved in making these records. And yes, I'd like to hear from you even if I tore your record to shreds.

If you have a DC (or VA or MD) record that's not listed here, feel free to shoot me an email with some info. I also have a want page with a list of records/tapes/CDs I'm willing to buy.

If you see something in this discography that's incorrect, or you can fill in some missing info, email me.

And lastly, I would love to make this discography sortable by label name, band name, format, or release year, but I lack the skills needed to do it. If you're a PHP/MySQL guru who can make that happen for little (or no!) money--email me!





This discography is sorted by record label. It's not really deliberate (I started out doing this as a discography of one label), but I can't change it now.

Label names that are in bold have a pretty complete listing, usually including pressing info and pictures of most (if not all) of the releases. Labels with a * next to them are incomplete, but have a fair chunk of their releases catalogged with pictures and info. All the other labels are pretty hit or miss--some of them are just a list of records, some of them have only have in depth listings for one or two releases, and most of them are very incomplete.

And lastly there's all the other stuff--one-off labels, self-released records, out of town labels, and compilations.


9½ x 16 (1980-1981):
As far as I know this discography is complete.

50,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 WATTS (1977-1980, 1984?):
It makes sense to split this discog into two parts. This part is the first iteration of the label, which was run by the Fair Brothers from their parents' house in Uniontown, MD. I've included various Half Japanese related stuff that the Fair brothers did that normally wouldn't be included in a discography. For info on the second incarnation, just scroll down a little.

50 SKIDILLION WATTS (1986?-1994?):
It makes sense to split this discog into two parts. This part is the second iteration of the label, which was revived by Penn Jillette (half of Penn and Teller) and Mike Kostek (who did "What Goes On," the Velvet Underground zine) and run from Stuart, FL. Later on in the labels' life, it was run from NYC as another tentacle on the Dutch East India kraken...

ADELPHI (1968+):
Adelphi may be the longest running local independent--its story certainly extends beyond the scope of this website in several dimensions. Most of the releases are folk, blues, or jazz, but there are a couple rock albums (of varying quality) in the mix...
This discography is vinyl only for the time being. It will be trimmed down to just the rock(ish) releases, and then I'll start adding CDs. For those impatient souls, the only overtly punk release I know about is the 9:30 Live double CD with the Urban Verbs, Tiny Desk Unit, Black Market Baby, and a bunch of other bands. The sound is terrible, though.

ALADDIN (1974-1978?):
This venerable label (first release was in 1945) was bought by Billy Hancock and his brother in '74 (I think). I'm pretty sure it was based in California before that, but I'm too lazy to actually do the legwork and figger it out.

AMBITION (1980?-1981?):
Still haven't moved "Declaration" over from One-Offs/No Labels and haven't created an Ambition page yet.

AMERICAN PUNK (1995-199?):
Baltimore label.

ARATRON (1982-1987?):
There may be copies of the Freeze 7" with "Model Prisonsers" stamped or stickered over the band name. I think these are the only three releases.

BAD BRAINS (1980-1983):

BALTO WEIRD (1979-1981):
Offshoot of Gohog (or Toy?) records? I'm not really sure what the point of the new name was, since there was no discernable difference between the two labels--Food For Worms was even an Oho/Dark Side offshoot that would eventually mutate right back into Oho. There was a sequel to Buried Bands on CD a couple years ago--no idea who's on it or what label released it, though.

BROKEN PROMISE (1983-1986):


CYCLOPS (1993-1996):

DACOIT (1976+):
Kim Kane's label. I think it was inactive from 1986 until 2000 or 2001--but I could be wrong.

DECEASED (1992+):
Kim Kane's label (again).

Maryland label, British band.

DISCHORD (1981+):
Stolen wholesale from Amy Pickering's discography.

Henry Rollins' reissue label.

DOODLEY SQUAT (1977-1983):
As far as I know this discography is complete.

DSI (1983-1994):

EASTERN RECORDS (198?-198?):
Not sure what the deal is here...Eastern was a recording studio in Glen Burnie, and I think they would also arrange record pressing for bands... I'm sure there are a lot more records.

ESKIMO RECORDS (1983-1986?):


FETAL RECORDS (1981-1987?):


FRANTIC (1980+):
The Accused was first and Bastille are the most recent, but other than that I have no idea about the order...

A subsidiary of Dutch East India.


GOHOG (1975-1980):
Oho's label. Became Toy/Baltoweird Records?

GONE/IT'S GONE (1979?-1981?):

Kenny Wilson moved to Hawaii in the eighties, and is now back here...



LIMP RECORDS (1978-1982):
Skip Groff (of Yesterday and Today) ran this label. Absolutely vital. As far as I know this discography is complete.

Label started in Pennsylvania?, then moved to the DC area, and finally down to F'burg, VA.
Home of Pg.99 and some the longest album titles ever.
MBL's numbering is kinda messed up (frex: MBL041 was released in 2006, but MBL042 was released in 2003), so there's some stuff past the cut-off date included here.
As far as I know there's only one thing missing from this listing--Waifle's limited edition Hell Night CDR. Anyone have a copy and know what MBL# it is?



MOTHER SUPERIOR (1978-1982?):

NO TREND (1983-):

O'ROURKE (1977-1979):
As far as I know this discography is complete.

OLIVE TREE (1985-1987?):
Not sure what the deal was with these guys. HR was pretty involved with this, but I don't think he as running it...

OMEGALPHA (1979-1980?):
As far as I know this discography is complete. If you know of any other releases, email me! The first two Zehn Archar records were on RMT Records.

OUTSIDE (1982-1984):
As far as I know this discography is complete.


R&B (1983):



RMT (1978-1979):
As far as I know this discography is complete. If you know of any other releases, email me! The last two Zehn Archar records were on Omegalpha Records.

Began life as Robodog, switched over to Robotic Empire at ROBO 014. And on a completely unrelated note, does anyone know what the other releases on Catechism Records were?
This discog is complete up 'til about 2004, for 2005 it's pretty spotty. I pulled this all from the old Robotic Empire website.

ROUND RAOUL (1978-1980):
Mark Hoback's record label. Also incorporating the lone No Joe record he put out on the SIR (Self Indulgent Records) label in 1982. As far as I know this discography is complete.


SAXOPHONE (1978? 1980?):
I'm after both these records...anyone out there who can hook me up?

SIMPLE MACHINES (1990-1998):
I pulled this discog from the excellent Simple Machines website. Lots of these records were on colored vinyl and had various inserts. Some of the releases marked as V/A are actually splits. I'll fix that at some point.

SKINFLINT (1982-1984):
As far as I know this discography is complete.

SLUSHY (1994-1998?):

SOLID (1975-1982):

SQUEALER (198?-198?):
Blacksburg, VA label.

SWELL (1980-1984?):

TEEN-A-TOONS (1980-1981):

TEEN BEAT (1985+):
Pulled from the headache-inducing Teenbeat website.

TOP (1987):

TOY (1978?):
Another part of the Baltoweird/Gohog Records family. Were there more releases than this, or should I move it over to the one-offs?


WASP (1979?-1984?):
Missing: More Insect Surfers? The Sleaze?



ZERO DEGREE (1979-1985):
Richmond label. Anyone with these releases for sale or trade, email me!

If you know of other releases on the labels listed here, let me know.


not including compilations

including bootlegs and reissues, not including compilations


Not including compilations and stuff that was released on a label. There've gotta be loads that I don't know about.

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