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braille party front coverbraille party back cover

braille party black vinyl
Braille Party - Welcome to Maryland LP:
Welcome to Maryland / Who's Patronizing Who / Six / Wo Wo Wo / Visiting Dignitaries / Ice Cube's Chance / Evil / Bulldozer / Gemma / Five // Everyone Loves Denise / Let it Burn / Seven / Free Enterprise For Ya / Eight / Truer Words / Gilligan / Two / Over My Dead Body / Halt! Who Goes There? / Braille Party
black vinyl
Fountain of Youth 011, 1984

Lineup: Matt Riedl - vocals, bass / Lou Gigger - guitars / Gerry Rolfe - drums, vocals

Recording Info: Recorded at Hit and Run Studios, July - September 1984. Engineered by Steve Carr, produced by Derrick Hsu. Additional recorded assistance provided by Alex Schneider.


Reviews: Definitely produced while under the influence of Husker Du. Sounds a lot like Man Sized Action.

Madhouse - S/T LP:
songs // songs
black vinyl
Fountain of Youth 12, 198?


Recording Info:



I don't have this record. Email me if you have one for sale or trade.

wishes and water front coverwishes and water back cover

wishes and water black vinyl
Wishes and Water - S/T LP:
Ocean City / Ellie / Perfect Day // Tears / Choice of Words / Oh My, What a Shame
black vinyl
Fountain of Youth 13, 198?

Lineup: Matt Riedl - vocals, guitar, bass / Derrick Hsu - vocals, DX7 / Sue D - Piano

Recording Info: Recorded at Hit and Run April-May, 1985. Engineered by Steve Carr. Produced by Steve Carr and Derrick Hsu.

Notes: I'm not sure entirely why the back cover scan looks so bad.

Reviews: There may be people out there who will enjoy this kind of stuff--I really have no idea. This is so far from what I normally listen to that I'm not sure I'm qualified to judge it. Still, I like to think I can recognize bad, regardless of what disguise it wears, and this is bad. I'm torn as to whether this is the worst Fountain of Youth record or not--there's always Troubled Gardens, but Wishes and Water are really something special. If it came down to a cage match, my money would be Troubled Gardens though, since they have a song called "Domination Dub," whereas the most intimidating title on this record is "Oh My, What A Shame," which just doesn't have the same kinda ring to it. Still, there's no doubt that Wishes and Water would go down fighting. And then write a sad, lonesome acoustipop song about it called "Falling From the Ring" or something similar.

Disagree? Email me your own review and it may appear here...

crippled pilgrims front covercrippled pilgrims back cover

crippled pilgrims blue vinyl

Crippled Pilgrims - Underwater LP:
Down Here / So Clean / Oblivious and Numb / Sad But True / Calculating // Undone / What You Lost / Pretend Not to Care / the Sense / Not Good
translucent blue vinyl
Fountain of Youth 14, 198?

Lineup: Jay Moglia - vocals, guitar / Scott Wingo - lead guitar / Mitch Parker - bass / Dan Joseph - drums, piano

Recording Info: Recorded at Hit and Run. Produced and mixed by Steve Carr, Derrick Hsu, and the Crippled Pilgrims


Reviews: This is very pretty, but it doesn't do anything for me. If you dig it, feel free to write yr own review and zip it my way--it may even end up on this page!

9353 front cover9353 back cover

9353 black vinyl
9353 - We're Absolutely Sure There Is No God LP:
Spooky Room / Bypartizoa / American Schizo / Bastard // Evil Teen Facility Yard / Who Does What and Why / Born to be Wild / Viva la Sleaze
black vinyl w/printed inner sleeve
Fountain of Youth 15/9353 Records, 1985


Recording Info:


Reviews: FAVE FoY record. GREAT band. GREAT record. REALLY fucked up. INITIAL capitalization.

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