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Wanktones - Hiccuped to Hell 7":
songs // songs
black vinyl
Fountain of Youth 06, 1984?


Recording Info:



I don't have this record. Email me if you have one for sale or trade.

bouncing babies front coverbouncing babies back cover

bouncing babies black vinyl
V/A - Bouncing Babies LP:
DOVE - Ambivalence / CRIPPLED PILGRIMS - Black or White / BODY COUNT - Bull in a China Shop / LUCKY PIERRE - Looking Back / UNDERGROUND SOLDIER - Sunday Slaughter / ARTIFICAL PEACE - Frustration / EXILED - Guilt Trip / SCREAM - Ultra Violence>Screaming / GLEE CLUB - Disguise (A Lie) // BLACK MARKET BABY - Suzy Dear / REPTILE HOUSE - Talons and Claws / 9353 - Ten Witches / LAST MINUTE - Infinite Regression / BEAVER - Punch Him in the Head / ASSAULT AND BATTERY - Evidence / BRAILLE PARTY - Terrorist / VOID - Get Out of my Way / GI - Dead Dog / UNKNOWN BAND - hidden track
1000? black vinyl w/simple FOY logo
1000? black vinyl w/fancy FOY logo
Fountain of Youth 07, 1984

Recording Info: don't feel like typing it up right now

Notes: Second pressing covers and label pictured. Last Minute are better known as United Mutation. Last song may be live at Space II Acade, August 31, 1983, by a band called Death Camp 2000. Any information would be appreciated.

Reviews: S'about time DC had another compilation. After :30 Over DC, every compilation tended to focus one one narrow subset of the musical community, and regardless of how good those records may have been, they present a distorted view of the world. Listening to Limp's Connected you'd have no idea what was brewing in the city's high schools. Listening to Flex Your Head there's no hint that there was any kind of musical scene outside the Dischord clique.

Now, it's certainly impossible for any one record to cover an entire musical scene, but some do a better job than others, and this is a respectable effort. There's enough rock n roll to keep me happy, including the only released Dove (aka ENB, ex-Double O) track, and great efforts from Scream and Void. There's some ska, a little melodic pop, and a little arty stuff as well. I may not like it all, but I certainly appreciate it more than the monochromatic Flex Your Head.

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I don't have the test or first pressing of this record. Email me if you have one for sale or trade.

crippled pilgrims front covercrippled pilgrims back cover

crippled pilgrims black vinyl
Crippled Pilgrims - Head Down, Hand Out LP:
Black and White / Under the Ladder // People Going Nowhere / Out of Hand / Dissolving / A Side He'll Never Show
black vinyl
Fountain of Youth 8, 1983

Lineup: No info available (probably the same as the other 12": Jay Moglia - vocals, guitar / Scott Wingo - lead guitar / Mitch Parker - bass / Dan Joseph - drums, piano)

Recording Info: No info available.


Reviews: This is very pretty, but it doesn't do anything for me. If you dig it, feel free to write yr own review and zip it my way--it may even end up on this page!

GI front coverGI back cover

GI black vinyl

GI - Joyride LP:
Blending In / Understand / 4-Wall Hermit / Familiar / Time to Escape // Joyride / Hall of Fame / Notch to My Crotch / Reflection / These Boots are Made for Walkin / Sheer Terror
lots on black vinyl
500 on blue/white marbled vinyl
Fountain of Youth 09, 1984

Lineup: John Stabb - vocals / Tom Lyle - guitar / Mike Fellows - bass / Marc Alberstadt - drums

Recording Info: Recorded at Black Pond Jan. and Mar., 1984 by Tom Scott. Produced by Tom Lyle, Brian Baker, and Tom Scott


Reviews: I've made a resolution. I'm not going to rip on this record, despite my instinctive urge to do so. I don't know what it is about GI, but even if I like their records I feel compelled to badmouth them. No matter how good they may be, I'll latch onto some insignifcant molehill of a fault and turn it into a mountain. Not here though, here I'm going to be an unbiased and fair reporter of facts. I'm going to be good to this band because they're a good band, and they make good records.


Ummmm...How about them local sports teams, eh? And that weather?

This isn't as good as Boycott Stabb, but it's miles better than Make An Effort. With each successive GI release the guitars get louder and louder, but here it's taken to a ridiculous extreme--John is almost overwhelmed by the beasts. Still, as faults go this is minor. I've certainly heard worse punk records. I've also heard better. As a five dollar record this is definitely worth buying, but collectors are starting to drive it into the double digits and I don't know if I like it that much.

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abbreviated ceiling front coverabbreviated ceiling back cover

abbreviated ceiling black vinyl
Abbreviated Ceiling - S/T 12":
DWI / Jospehine // Red Letters / Partyline
black vinyl
Fountain of Youth 10, 1984

Lineup: Kendall Reed - vocals, guitars / Charles Steck - vocals, bass / Tommy Carr - drums

Recording Info: Recorded at Inner Ear (1980? 1981?). Engineered by Don Zientara, produced by Ted Nicely.

Notes: Posthumous release. Are there any copies without the 45RPM sticker on the label, or was that caught right away?

Reviews: I don't want to use the R word, but this has a definite r--------- influence. It doesn't sink to the depths of crapitude that the G-- C--- or S---- C--- (or even later X) regularly plumb because this record is about rock and roll first and foremost, not the idolatrous worship of Eddie C------- or Jerry Lee L----. This record has some originality to it, it's not caught in the twilight zone where it's 1959 forever and "12th Flight Rock" and "Great Balls of Fire" are the pinnacle of rock as an art form.

Now that I've insulted an entire genre, and insulted the religion of millions (well, dozens anyway), I suppose I should describe the band. Imagine a creepy alternate reality where Black Market Baby took their cues from r--------- rather than Sham 69. Throw in some early country stuff--Sun Records, white-boy R&B. That's what Abbreviated Ceiling sounds like. Sparse r--------- turned into an absolute wall of power chord noise.

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