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mfd front covermfd back cover

test press:
mfd test press
commercial issue:
mfd black vinyl
MFD - Chapter 3 7":
Last Leg / Space Ants // Avocados / Music for the Deaf / Left for Dead (UK Subs)
10 test pressings
2000 copies on black vinyl w/insert (see notes for sleeve info)
DSI Records 11, 198

Lineup: Brock Helvie - drums / David Rapavi - vocals / Richard Gibson - guitar / Michael Clayberg - bass / Scott Causey - guitar solo on Last Leg

Recording Info: Recorded at Black Pond, September '87 - March '88. Engineered by Chris Biondo, produced by Tom Lyle and MFD.

Notes: There are two variations on this record. One with a foldover sleeve and one with a pocket sleeve. The pocket sleeve ink is slightly lighter than the foldover sleeve. No idea which came first.

Reviews: This is pretty disposable. The sound is weak and the songs are boring. In fact, the only reason to pick this up is for the excellent version of Left For Dead--does anyone out there have the complete show that was lifted from?

images front coverimages back cover

test pressing:
images black vinyl
commercial issue:
images black vinyl
Images - Dreams are Real 7":
Mask / Damage Done // Dreams Are Real / See You Again
10 test pressings
1000 copies on black vinyl w/insert
DSI Records 12, 1988

Lineup: Roger Shrader - bass / Rusty Pistachio - vocals / AJ Wolfe - guitar / Mike Listman - guitar / James Sulewski - drums

Recording Info: Recorded at Star Bound Studios 88, engineered by Harry Brooks.


Reviews: How's this for pathological--I hate this record, but I have two copies AND a test press.

Anyway, Images steal liberally from Minor Threat, GI, and lots of NYHC bands I really don't like. I don't know why the even bothered.

Immoral Discipline - Battlefield 7":
the Whole World's a Battlefield / Liar // Redneck Stomp / Coffee Achievers
10 test pressings
400 copies on white vinyl w/insert
1600 copies on black vinyl w/insert
DSI Records 13 / Smash 1, 198


Recording Info:

Notes: Flex says there are two pressings of this, but I find that kinda suspicious, since 400 and 1600 are odd numbers to order on their own, but as one order of 2000 records it makes a bit more sense.


date bait front coverdate bait back cover

date bait black vinyl
Date Bait - I'm Outta Here 7":
I'm Outta Here // Strange Movies
10 test pressings
black vinyl
DSI Records 14, 1989

Lineup: Gutter Boy - lead vocals / Karl Straub - lead and rhythm guitar / Kim Kane - lead and rhythm guitar / Jeff Zang - bass / Brian D Horrorwitz - drums

Recording Info:



old world records issue:
mfd front covermfd back cover

dsi test press:
mfd test press vinyl
old world commercial issues:
mfd vinyl
mfd vinyl
MFD - Storm 7":
Storm / Out Walking // Colorbox / Warped Country
10 test pressings
no commercial issue?
DSI Records 15, 1989?

?? test pressings
most copies on black vinyl
some copies on green vinyl
Old World Records 702, 1989

Lineup: Richard Gibson - guitar / David Rapavi - vocals / Brock Helvie - drums / Mike Clayberg - bass / Tom Downey - bass on Colorbox / Scott Causey - guitar on Colorbox

Recording Info: Recorded Jan. '89 at Black Pond. Engineered by Chris Biondo, produced by Tom Lyle.

Notes: I always thought that this record was only released on Old World Records from Germany, but I recently picked up a DSI test pressing, complete with DSI etchings in the dead wax. The Old World version was pressed using completely different stampers. Was there a commercial version on DSI, or only test pressings?

Reviews: This is a much more "rock" release than anything else MFD did--the songs wouldn't be out of place at a frat party. The nasty guitar sound the characterized the other MFD releases is gone, and there are even some half-assed solos on Storm. This is okay, but it's definitely a stumble, not a step.

I'm still looking for the test pressing on Old World, as well as the DSI commercial issue. Email me if you've got copies for trade or sale.

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