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iron cross front coveriron cross back cover

iron cross vinyl
Iron Cross - Skinhead Glory 7":
Crucified For Our Sins / Psycho Skin / Fight 'Em All // Shadows in the Night
1000 copies on black vinyl w/insert (2 different ones)
200 copies on green vinyl w/different back cover. Insert?
Dischord 8½ / Skinflint 1, 1982 (RI: GMM)


Notes: There are two different inserts for this one, one horizontal, the other vertical (actually, if you want to be really neurotic, there are three inserts, the prototype vertical inserts had a minor difference with the finished product, but nothing worth noting). I don't know which is rarer, but I do know that the vertical insert was first. The only prototype insert I've seen was with a test pressing of the 7" that was sold on ebay.

Reviews: This record gets a lotta crap for the "violent" lyrics, but I can name a dozen punk classics that are every bit as violent, but never called out (SOA shouldn't need any comment, Negative Approach sang "Ready to Fight" among others, the Dead Kennedy's killed thousands in their songs, and hell, even the first Minor Threat 7" has a song about getting drunk and beating people up.).

If you wanna pick on this record, fine, but at least make your criticism valid. For instance, try noting that the songs aren't very good. It's got a rippin' guitar sound, and while song writing's good, it's by no means great, and the performance isn't all it could be. This record's worth checking out, but it's nowhere near good enough to warrant the $200 price tag it commands on ebay.

Have copies of any of the pressings I don't have shown? Email me if you'd be interested in scanning them in.

Scream - Still Screaming LP:
Came Without Warning / Bedlam / Solidarity / Your Wars>Killer / Piece of Her Time / Human Behavior / Stand / Fight>American Justice // New Song / Laissez-Faire / Influenced / Hygiene / Cry Wolf / Total Mash / Who Knows - Who Cares? / Amerarockers / U.Suck.A>We're Fed Up
black vinyl
Dischord 9, 1982


Notes: covers from CD.


Have copies of any of the pressings I don't have shown? Email me if you'd be interested in scanning them in.

Minor Threat - Out of Step 12":
Betray / It Follows / Think Again / Look Back and Laugh // Sob Story / No Reason / Little Friend / Out of Step
?? test pressings
4000 copies on black vinyl w/black back cover (bad mastering job) and insert
?? test pressings (some w/screened covers)
?000 copies on black vinyl (new mix, new pressing plant) w/insert (some w/certificates)
lots of other pressings
Dischord 10, 1983


Notes: Last Dischord record pressed at NRP. The first copies of the second pressing were sent out to people who'd mailordered the first version, along with certificates stating how long they'd waiting and some other stuff (I've got a picture of one somewhere...).

Reviews: Minor Threat were such a great band, but they managed to put out two of the most disappointing records ever, the Salad Days 7" and this The five piece Minor Threat were an absolute powerhouse live, still capable of reaching the same frenzied heights as their first two records, but when they went into the studio they just lost it. Instead of the raw, mean-ass sound on their first two records, they've got standard rock geeeetar (but two of 'em, so it's twice as good as Bruce Springsteen!). MacKaye's vocals are still powerful, but shouted choruses were punk rock cliche, even in 1979, so in 83 they just sound pathetic. Part of the appeal of the first two Minor Threat records was that Ian MacKaye was who you heard screaming, and it just seemed that much more intense because of the intimacy--it was a one on one, him and you, not Ian and Jeff and Lyle and Steve and Brian and a dozen other DC kids and you.

Have copies of any of the pressings I don't have shown? Email me if you'd be interested in scanning them in.

double o front coverdouble o back cover

test press:
double o test press
commercial issue:
double o vinyl
Double O - S/T 7":
You've Lost / Is It Better / Grey to Black // Death of a Friend / There's No Reasoning
?? test pressings (see notes for sleeve info)
1000 copies on black vinyl
Dischord 10½ / R&B 1, 1983


Notes: As with all the early Dischord releases, there were a lot of test pressings done. I've seen some tests with the stock sleeve, some with only a plain white inner, but only one with the hand-written inner sleeve pictured here.

Reviews: In the collecting craze, this record has sadly (or fortunately, if you're still looking for a copy) been overlooked. This is excellent thrash with a real melodic, and sometimes metallic edge. It doesn't have the same velocity than Minor Threat or the Bad Brains had, but it more than makes up for it in the raw emotion department. This is what I always thought Faith would sound like, based on people's descriptions.

Oh yeah, and the band did a demo tape before this that is absoltely essential listening--easily the worst thing ever (and I do mean EVER) to come out of the harDCore community.

first press:
GI front coverGI back cover
second press
(accepted sleeve):
GI front coverGI back cover

first press:
GI black vinyl
second press
(inverted label):
GI black vinyl
GI - Boycott Stabb! LP":
Hall of Fame / Hour of One / GI / Puppet on a String / Sheer Terror // Happy People / Lost in Limbo / Plain to See / Partyline / Here's the Rope / Insomniac
?? test pressings (used as promo copies)
???? copies on black vinyl w/insert (45 RPM)
500 copies on black vinyl w/inverted label and insert (33 RPM) (100 in inverted sleeves)
lots on black w/insert (33 RPM)
500 copies on pink vinyl w/no insert (33 RPM)
approx 500 inverted second press sleeves (approx 400 destroyed)
Dischord 10¾ / Fountain of Youth 2, 1983 (RI: Reflex 2003)

Lineup: John Stabb Schroeder - voice / Tom Lyle - guitar / Mitch Parker - bass / Marc Alberstadt - drums

Recording Info: Recorded at Inner Ear, Nov. '82. Engineered by Don Zientara. Additonal recording by Tom Scott at Catch-A-Buzz, Jan. '83.

Notes: Pictured are first press cover and vinyl, second press accepted cover, and second press label. FOY sent test pressings out to fanzines for review. I know of at least one that was destroyed in the mail (along with a BMB test--damn the post office!). I have a 1983 press kit that may be for this record (hard to tell--it's just a rundown of lineups/shows up until the end of 1982 plus some pictures--the only record it actually mentions is Make an Effort with the note that it's "unreleased").

Reviews: I'm not much of a GI fan. While their first record struck me as amazingly bad with a few noize-out moments, this is a better, more skilled record that manages to bury of of the GI's personality.

This is a classic example of me being too hard on a band--this is a GOOD record, but I keep on ragging on the band because I think they've traded their individuality for a place in the herd. Lemme try to explain it as simply as I can: I like this more than their first 7", but it's not as good. Shit, I don't know why I bother sometimes...just pretend I said I liked it and go buy a copy, you won't regret it.

Disagree? Email me your own review and it may appear here...

Have copies of any of the pressings I don't have shown? Email me if you'd be interested in scanning them in.

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