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Special thanks to Dan Palenski for most of the scans here...

nurses front covernurses back cover
reprint sleeve (test press):reprint sleeve (commerical issue):
nurses reprint sleevenurses reprint sleeve
test pressing:
nurses test pressing
commerical issue:
nurses vinyl

Nurses - DYF 7":
DYF // Bad Mood / ad
?? test pressings (20+)
500 copies on black vinyl (450 sleeves)
Dacoit Records 008, 1983?
50 test press sleeves reprinted on yellow stock
50 sleeves reprinted on blue stock
Yesterday and Today, 2006

Lineup: Howard Wuelfing - bass, vocals / Marc Halpern - guitar / Ricky Briefs? - drums

Recording Info: DYF recorded at Inner Ear, engineered by Don Zientara, produced by Howard Wuelfing, Skip Groff, and Don Zientara. Bad Mood recorded at Storeroom Sound, engineered by Greg Berzinski, produced by Howard Wuelfing.

Notes: DYF was a "discomix" (Howard's terminology) of a song called DEF. Record was financed by Skip Groff. The discography included with the Destroy Your Friends CDR says there were 450 copies of this, but I have feeling that doesn't include the 50 copies (sans sleeves) which ended up in the Extant box. Test pressings did NOT have sleeves.

Reviews: This is, sadly, the last Nurses record. It's also the best Nurses record, though it's a clean break from their previous releases. Instead of noisy, bizarre guitarisms from Halpern driving the song, it's the rhythm section carrying the weight. The guitar is muted, barely an echo. The sound is dark, claustrophic, and downright depressing. The cover and label--both shrouded in black--and the photos on the front: the picture from Halpern's obituary in Discords and Howard dancing on his grave, just make the record feel final.

There's nothing to compare this to outta DC, but the Ruts' post-Malcolm Owen remix of West One is a near-enough baseline.

extant front coverextant back cover
nurses black vinyl
nurses black vinyl
nurses black vinyl
nurses black vinyl
reind dears red vinyl

Nurses - Extant 5x7" boxed set:
Nurses: DYF // Bad Mood / ad 7" [Dacoit]
Nurses: Hearts // Cardiac Arrest 7" [?]
Nurses: Love You Again // I Will Follow You 7" [Teen A Toons]
Nurses: Running Around // Tina's Smile 7" [Limp]
Reind Dears: Xmas (Is Going To Bring Me Down) // White Christmas 7" [Limp]
50 numbered copies w/insert
Dacoit Records 009 Box, 1983

Nurses Lineups: Howard Wuelfing - bass, vocals / Marc Halpern - guitar / Harry Rabb - drums (first three Nurses 7"s) / Ricky Briefs - drums (fourth)

Reind Dears Lineup: Howard Wuelfing - vocals, bass / Danny Frankel - drums / Tommy Kane - guitar / Martha Hull - vocals / Amy Tract - vocals / Marc Halpern - lead guitar, sleigh bells

Notes: If the cover of the box looks funky it's because I fiddled with the color balance to try to recapture some of the original's dayglo orange glare. There may be a dayglo yellow variation too--anyone with info, email me!

Hearts was a test pressing intended for re-release in April of '81, but it never happened. 50 more copies were done specifically for this box. Discords said it was remastered, but I can't hear any difference between it and the original. The Extant insert says the reissue was supposed to be on Limp and gives it an incorrect Limp stock number.

Tina's Smile was also a white label done specifically for this release (though there were a lot of leftover copies and a rare PS was made for some of them--see the Tina's Smile page for more info).

The other three 7"s are stock copies with the original label information stamped or pasted over. All five records are sans-sleeves.

Reviews: This is a collection of all the Nurses releases to date--and it's actually pretty pointless from any point of view except that of a record collector. Still, it's a wonderfully shambolic DIY package, complete with hand-written corrections, pasteover labels, and ingenious cost-saving measures (the box, for instance is a 1/4" x 7" open reel box with the front and back covers pasted on).


But pointless.

And don't you dare ask how many years I spent looking for this. God bless the collector mentality.

dacoit promo sleeve
slickee boys front coverslickee boys back cover
dacoit commercial release
slickee boys front coverslickee boys back cover
twin tone version
slickee boys front coverslickee boys back cover
new rose version (france)
slickee boys front coverslickee boys back cover

dacoit version:
slickee boys vinyl
twin tone version:
slickee boys vinyl
new rose version:
slickee boys vinyl
Slickee Boys - When I Go To The Beach 7":
When I Go To The Beach // Invisible People
?? test pressings (in promo sleeves?)
3000? copies on black vinyl
Dacoit 11, 1983

?? test pressings
2221 copies on black vinyl
Twin Tone TTR8336b, 1983

?? test pressings
black vinyl
New Rose 41, 1984


Recording Info: Engineered by Don Zientara at Inner Ear. Produced by John Chumbris and the Slickee Boys.

Notes: The only Slickee Boys discography available says 3000 on Dacoit, 5000 on Twin Tone. The Twin Tone website says they sold 2221 copies in total. Was there a version on Line?
I would guess that the Dacoit promo sleeve pictured above was used for test pressings, in keeping with past practice.


slickee boys front coverslickee boys back cover
slickee boys front coverslickee boys back cover

slickee boys vinyl
Slickee Boys - 10th Anniversary 7":
Shake (live) / radio commercial / Darker Side of Me (live) // Reverse Psychiatry / Sea of Your Love
10 test pressings
500 copies on black vinyl w/yellow labels and pink/tan sleeve
1100 w/white labels and green/grey or pink/grey sleeve
400 on white vinyl w/yellow/purple cover
Dacoit 13 / DSI Records 8, 1988


Recording Info:

Notes: The scans Dan Palenski sent me don't quite jive with the info given above (purple/tan sleeve and black vinyl, black/yellow sleeve and white vinyl).


limp version:
slickee boys front coverslickee boys back cover

limp version:
slickee boys vinyl
Slickee Boys - Separated Vegetables LP:
Control / Heart Murmur / Golden Love / Red Rocket Roll / Six Feet Under / Just Blow Away // Dr Boogie / Road Runnah Walk Don't Run / Streets of Your Town / What Ya Gonna Do About It / No Money Down / Creepskin / What A Boy Can't Do '77
100 copies on black vinyl
Dacoit 1001, 1977

200 copies on black vinyl
Limp Records 1003, 1980

Lineup: Martha Hull - vocals / Marshall Keith - lead, rhythm, keyboards, vocals / Kim Kane - rhythm, lead, vocals / Andy von Brand - bass / Chris Rounds - drums, vocals, "ptish" effect / Howard Wuelfing - bass (on Control) / Charles Eichert - farfisa organ (on Road Runnah, Heart Murmur, and Golden Love)

Recording Info: Recorded at: Underground Sound, MD, January 1977 / "Radio" (WGTB?), DC, October 1976 / the Keg, June 13, 1977, engineered by Don Zientara (tracks 8-12) / Carl Sandburg Elementary, July 24, 1977, engineered by Don Zientara. B side is live. Produced by the Slickee Boys and Steve Lorber.

Notes: B side is live. Comes in a plain cardboard sleeve with two 11.75"x11.75" flats. Some copies came without flats. I believe they had explanatory/apologetic notes with them...

Skip's Comments: I did the reissue as a favor to Kim Kane. I think it's an interesting LP, but it's not something that I would have done. I mean, if you listen to the Line album by the Slickee Boys, Here to Stay, it's much more cohesive, powerful, well-recorded stuff, only one of which I think I was involved with the production of, but everything else is very consistent and powerful. Separated Vegetables is all over the place.

It's very much of a period piece, but it was something that was meant to be enjoyed by a few and cherished by the ones that didn't have it. I can only assume that's why we pressed such small numbers, and I have to believe that's because it was part of the deal with Kim Kane, that we could only make up a limited number in case he wanted to do it again himself at some point.

Reviews: To be blunt, I can see why they only pressed a hundred copies of this to begin with. Why they repressed 200 more in 1980 is something of a mystery to me. The recording quality is uniformly poor, and even on powerful songs like Control (easily one of their best, and the version on Disconcerted is one of my favorite Nurses songs) it's a struggle to hear what's going on underneath the murk. The Slickee Boys formula of two or three rockers and a bunch of dead weight continues to hold true, with Control, Heart Murmur (an old Overkill song), and Six Feet Under being the rockers. Everything else...well, I don't need to spell it out for you.

On a side note, this was one of the first punk records to be bootlegged, with an unauthorized edition showing up in 1981 with a bonus track.

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