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vile cherubs cover
Vile Cherubs - White Middle Class Youth Disillusioned CS:
Man With A Photograph / Flower Garden / Broke My Heart N 3 / The Ladder / Love You With My-- // blank
Cherubic Delusions, 1987

Lineup: Tim - obnoxious glares, grins, feedback, jumps / Seth - lots of showers, dino bass action, guffaw / Ben - riddim, way too much, cookies and chocolate milk / Jesse - what the hell does he do anyway? (skronking, yeah!)

Recording Info: Recorded at WGNS May 3, 1987. Produced by Jeff T.

Notes: The cover is photocopied onto crack and peel sticker stock. This was reissued in 1993 on The Man Who Has No Eats Has No Sweats CD. Which is not to be confused with the 2007 CD of the same title.


please front coverplease back cover

please vinyl
Please - Number One LP:
unknown // unknown
500 on black vinyl w/inserts
Cherubic Delusions 4, 1994

Lineup: unknown

Recording Info:

Notes: Don't know jack about this record, apart from an inferred connection with the Vile Cherubs. The covers are all silkscreened thriftstore finds, and the inner sleeve on mine was silkscreened as well. My copy has two inserts--a photocopy from a book and a colored print. I'd imagine other copies have equally eclectic inserts.

Reviews: Musically this is a noisier version of the same garage-rock that the Vile Cherubs play. It's mixed up with samples, backwards fiddliness and other artwankery. Not too exciting.

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